'This is Thames Television ... from London'

For 25 glorious years words like this announced Thames Television - the clarion call of Independent Television in London during the weekdays.

As well as producing some of ITV's most popular and highest quality programmes, Thames Television had an extremely strong local identity in the London area.

After it lost its franchise to broadcast, Thames Television was consigned to the role of an independent producer and remains as one to this day, under the name of Talkback Thames TV, with its main programme libraries held by Fremantle.

A tribute to Thames Television ...

Thames Television ident showing the famous london skylineOn this site you will be able to re-live those London weekdays in the golden age of ITV.

We look at the history of Thames Television, from its formation from ABC Television and Rediffusion Television in the late 1960s to the golden age as one of the lynchpins of the Independent Television network into the 1990s.

... broadcasting from 1968 to 1992

Thames Television continuity announcer Philip ElsmoreWe have a comprehensive array of Thames Television presentation graphics, Thames TV idents, stings, promotions, trailers, Thames Television continuity, programme slides, programme titles, on both video and stills.

We have sections on Thames Television continuity announcers and Thames News.

We'll also be leafing through Thames Television's impressive and comprehensive programme catalogue to study the station's network and local programming from 1968 to 1992.

So join us in our journey paying tribute to Thames Television!

Latest Thames Television updates

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